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Madla Forsamlingshus                                                                                                  Snorres Gate 2, 4044 Hafrsfjord

Sunday service start 1 pm.


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Starting up with house church and prayer meeting

Starting up with house church and prayer meeting

Last Sunday of each month WIN Norway will start up with house church and prayer meeting. First meeting will be 25 February 2024, 1 pm at Madla Forsamlingshus. There will be no Sunday service on the last Sunday of each month but you are welcome to join us fellowship,...

WIN Norway celebrates 10 years!

WIN Norway celebrates 10 years!

WIN Norway welcome you to Fredheim Arena to celebrate 10th Anniversary Saturday 22nd October 2022, 13:00. Join us in celebrating with thanksgiving.Many of us keep on asking and we seek for answers. . . this year, let us discover and know the God who answers. Guest...

Welcome Back to ‘on-site’ Sunday Gatherings!

Welcome Back to ‘on-site’ Sunday Gatherings!

WIN Norway welcomes you back at Madla Forsamlingshus, for our Sunday services and fellowship from July 2021. With grateful hearts, let us gather together to praise and worship our Lord and encourage one another. Please note of the following changes and improvements to...

Thank God for 8 years!

Thank God for 8 years!

The Bible defines church as the people who had been called out by God and gathers to honor Him. It is never the building or the place. With gratitude and praise to the Lord for His faithfulness, WIN Norway celebrated the families and individuals who are and had been...


Time and time again, we have heard and seen stories of people whose lives and families have been changed by God through the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit.  Here are some stories of people who are very close to our hearts, because they are part of the WIN Norway family.  We are grateful to them for their courage to share their stories, knowing that we too, can experience God’s amazing grace.

Badette Nangca

…though my sin are like scarlet,

I will be as white as snow…

Coming from a family who struggle to make ends meet all the time, I grew up very ambitious and somewhat insecure. I felt like I always needed to prove myself, to be worthy and to get the validation from others…

I learned through all these that loving God is the wisest and most practical thing we can do.  He has it all covered. He can give all the things that I need and a lot more. He is faithful and true to His promises and will never break my heart…

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Espen & Jenniflor Ludvigsen

“A new beginning…”

Espen: I did not grow up in a religious or a Christian family. I did not believe in God at all. I was an atheist. I respected Jhen’s faith and let her do her things but I made it clear to her that “I could never see myself as a Christian”.

Jhenn: I was very disappointed every time we would argue about the bible and my faith. I was starting to realize how extremely difficult it will be to raise a family with a husband who doesn’t share my faith.                                                                       

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Charisma de los Santos


brings blessings…

I thank God for teaching me to obey and not have a rebellious heart against my father. I realized that as children, we do not get to choose who our parents will be. It is God who appoints our parents and I believe that He has a purpose why I was born & raised in my family. The Bible teaches us to respect authorities even though they are unreasonable (Romans 13:1-5). My love for my father doesn´t come from my own ability, but through the power of the Holy Spirit and it comes from the unconditional love of Jesus Christ who died for me.

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